"Eatco is widely recognized for its successful venues. We specialize in developing and managing various food and beverage locales across the nation." Positioned among the leading destinations for a variety of communal demands we aim to satisfy our broad range of clientele. We strive for perfection and expansion in all fields by guaranteeing to surpass our clients expectations.
Ahmed Al Hazek
Aly Hamada
Beefbar is a unique & vibrant culinary destination, created by Riccardo Giraudi. Beefbar isn’t a steakhouse. However, the best meat origins & cuts of the world are carefully selected and then cooked as whole ingredient. Through these exclusive meats, often offered in exclusivity, we sublimate international & local recipes. Located at PLAYA North Coast and Cairo Soon
SCALINI It all started back in 1988 in the heart of Chelsea, with Scalini's founders Mario Pagetti and Valerio Calzolari. Scalini quickly became a favourite destination for celebrities, the local community and lovers of Italian food. Located at North cost, Hacienda White and Cairo Soon
Cairo is all about heritage, old architectural buildings and lots and lots of culture. Aperitivo's walls speak heritage with an enticing symphony that resonates throughout the place, It’s not just a bar and it’s not just a restaurant, it’s a full on experience that’s meant to emphasize the legacy of this estate. Irresistible delicacies, artistic interior, sleek cigars and old fashioned bourbon are all elements that reawakens Aperitivo.
SASS Restaurant & Bar is a contemporary venue located in Zamalek, bringing together elements that tease all your senses, With The Nile River as a backdrop, the most prominent feature of SASS is the breathtaking atmosphere that mesmerizes you as soon as you step foot in the place.
Straight from Lebanon! Calling all coffee snobs, coffee-holics, and aspiring coffee geeks. Sip/specialty coffee brings you “A” class bean-sourcing, soul satisfying blends in exquisite packaging.
BEACH HOUSE by SASS is a community of its own, it is a hub that covers various services, We have gathered the best collection of facilities in their respected fields, providing a variety of elite and distinguished brands to create the most dynamic experience in the north coast, Joining our community allows you to enjoy the gym, shop and kids area.
We’re all about daily fresh baked goods! Bread factory’s chef personally blesses us with all types of bread that serves all our venues.
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